Transformations: A response

My friend Amy gave birth to her fifth child at the age of 41. This baby has brought so much joy.   I find myself thinking of the years of sacrifice it takes to get a newborn off to kindergarten.  I remember the demands of being fully responsible for keeping another human being alive for thoseContinue reading “Transformations: A response”

Call of Duty, NOT

Imagine the phone rings and it’s the phone call of all phone calls.  It’s the call that makes your day, your week, your year.  Who would be on the other end of that line? My phone rang last night after dinner and the caller ID said it was my older son calling from college.  MyContinue reading “Call of Duty, NOT”

Because I Said So (A Mother’s Day Tribute)

It’s interesting how friendships occur throughout a lifetime.  In school we make friends with people involved in similar activities.  In college we make friend with those who live in close proximity and whose schedules fit our own.  Then if after marriage we become parents, the kids take over the friend making process.  We find ourselves spendingContinue reading “Because I Said So (A Mother’s Day Tribute)”