I think I thought a thought.

Being the organizational freak that I am, I’ve been bothered by my digital journal and the fact that I have to scroll to the bottom to add the next post.  So, I spent the last 15 minutes cutting and pasting each entry so the new posts could go on top.  There was probably an easier way but this is the way I know and now it’s done.

Organization is important in writing but often we don’t notice our mistakes in filing and archiving until it’s gone too far.  How often have you thrown something away that’s been nothing but clutter for years   only to exclaim a week later, “Now what did I do with that thing?  Oh yes, I threw it away.”

Today, Fred talks about keeping track of good ideas.  We all know to keep a notepad close at hand wherever we go but then what?  Fred suggests looking back through journals and organizing by topic or using scrapbooks to file clippings and notes and ideas.  He also describes an idea file as “a soul-satisfying way of surveying the full spectrum of your personal philosophy.”  I like this technique and happen to have a drawer full of blank index cards because my kids use them to make flash cards when studying Japanese.  I even found an old plastic avocado green recipe box on a dusty shelf that will be thrilled to be of service.  Fred offers a list of question to get started.  I think I’ll look through the notebook at the bottom of my purse and see what I find.

Save Everything. Really?

Today, Fred discussed archiving.  He suggests saving all drafts and protecting hard copies with plastic protector sheets and backing up all digital work.  Well, I think I’ve got that covered minus the plastic sheets.  I tend to get caught up in the filing and archiving to the point that it becomes a distraction from actually writing anything new.

I have this twisted little attraction to all things Office Depot.  I love looking through the catalog and really get excited when a brown shipping box with those big red letters on the side arrives at my door.  It may only contain cheap mechanical pencils and manilla file folders but I love them.  So, yes Fred, I’ve got the archiving covered.  Now where did I put my pencil?