Different Minds

The crazy, creative part about writing a blog is the freedom of writing it, posting it and moving on.  I admit, I sometimes look back and make corrections but for the most part, it’s a task I complete with that last period on the page and then I focus to other things.  It’s so freeing.  You have to be a little daring because posting off the cuff means laying out something rough and unpolished.  But, sometimes I think the result is better than a piece that has been edited to death.

Have you every finished a free writing session and looked back and thought, “Wow, that was in my head?  I didn’t know that about me.”  I like that feeling.  I also love when someone reads something I’ve written and the perspective, based on his or her unique life experience, alters the effect.  We often forget as writers that we are not alone in our writing.  Each reader contributes to our story by bringing his own point-of-view.  We can’t base our writing on this collaboration because we don’t have access to other brains (at least I don’t.)  But, the result adds richness all the same.