Before we got here…

It’s the weekend again.  I’m jealous when I have to share my writing time.  Right now, my husband is sleeping in so the bedroom is occupied.  My youngest son is sleeping on the couch because he gave up his bedroom for his grandparents.  My oldest is still asleep upstairs.  There are four dogs in the laundry room and Mom and Dad are reading newspapers at the kitchen table.  I refuse to write in the bathroom so I’m gonna try this in between making breakfast and bites of news.

Fred talks about back story today.   Back story is when the author reveals a significant past event that gives meaning to the present of the story.  In Thursday’s post I wrote the opening to a story about my neighbor’s barn.  In the second paragraph I reveal that the grass is tall around the barn because the neighbor was sick last fall.  That is a tiny example of back story. 

Fred says that today’s readers need to be hooked immediately when a story begins.  Often contemporary writer’s open with an action scene and then sprinkle back story in as the story progresses bit by bit.  This technique is especially effective when the back story is building tension.

I have a million projects running around in my head right now.  I think I’ll run away with my laptop sunday night.  Now, it’s off to Rural King with Mom and Dad.