Black Birds, White Sky

White Sky

My best friend from high school once described Hell as a calendar full of February’s; terrifying.  Up ahead, I see the full month of February blocking my way to springtime.  It’s ominous and dark up there and after surviving the chaos of November and December and the treacherous gray days of January, I’m not sure I even want to approach it.  There’s no way around it so, here I go…

I have a head cold and I’ve been in denial about it all week.  But today, it’s Saturday, and I am giving in to the luxury of  a loose schedule to really settle in to my misery.  The day matches the way I feel, cold and gray.  I look up from my lap full of Kleenex at the sound of angry black birds cawing from the snow-covered lawn.  I look up at the gloomy gray sky and realize, it’s not gray at all; it’s white.  It’s the same white as the snow on the ground, a mirror image separated by the golden stubble of corn stalks along the horizon.  In fact, it’s sort of beautiful.

Ok, I can do this.  All I have to do is find something beautiful to focus on each day and before long the red-winged blackbirds will be shrieking in the field grass and the robins will be pulling up worms.  In a few months, the poke week and fiddleheads will begin sending up shoots then I’ll find my asparagus, I hope.  Finding beauty in the gloom, it gives me hope, and hope will get me through.

Soggy Waffles

I have yet to come up with a good waffle recipe. My son Jacob is a big fan of the waffle and

Soggy Waffle

though I excel in the area of soups and stews and anything you can toss in a skillet, the waffle eludes me. I understand the basics: milk, eggs, flour, salt, a raising agent, oil and I prefer vanilla.  But, I can’t seem to get the combination just right and my waffles end up soggy, or waxy, or too “eggy” (a word, I’m pretty sure, was coined by my 15 year old, waffle connoisseur son.)

As I approach my 43rd birthday, I realize my life is a lot like that elusive waffle. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the ingredients I need to be fulfilled but my recipe is still, after all this time, in the experimental stage. It seems like the mixer is set on whip all the time but what I’d really enjoy is a nice gentle fold.

So if you have a tried and true waffle recipe you’d like to share, my son would be most thankful. Any advice on how to slow this mixer down would be appreciated too.