Say Good-bye 2010

Whew, this place is dusty! Dusty is slang I learned in 2010 from one of my students. It means, “not fresh.” As in, “Why does your dad wear those plaid pants. He is so dusty.” I like it and I’d like to freshen up this blog a bit.

In 2010, I lost a close friend and quite a few really cool old people. I yelled at my mom more than I’d like to admit and celebrated my paternal grandmother’s 90th birthday and my maternal grandmother’s excellent recovery from valve replacement surgery.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know two lovely young ladies my sons have chosen as “friends” and be a part of a community that has become a church without a building.

I watched as my youngest son made a solid decision to get baptized and sat by in prideful tears as he was embraced by a community he chose all on his own.

In 2010, my oldest chose a college and a major and got accepted at the school of his choice. I met one of my favorite authors, Patty Digh. I totaled my van.

At a time when so many Americans have been without work, my husband, son and i have all been blessed with solid work. The fruits of our labor put us poolside in 70 degree weather on this last day of December 2010. God is good.

In 2011 I plan to dust off my keyboard and get back to that thing I have neglected so long. To the thing that feeds my creative soul. To write.