Silk from Sow’s Ear?

My Purse

I love writing at Strange Brew Coffee House.  There are distractions here but sometimes the distractions and conversations overheard are fuel for the writing.  A young woman sat down across from me and we talked about her purse.  We agreed that women who carry a clutch make no sense.  Why would you carry a purse that ties up one hand all the time?  What if you need to answer your cell while holding your coffee?  What do you do with a clutch?  I guess a purse can tell a lot about a woman.

I carry a small rectangular purse with a zip down outside flap.  I keep all my crucial I.D., credit card, and money in that flap for easy access.  All the junk goes in the zip top on the inside.  I recently put a little bag in the glove compartment of my car for extras like dental floss and Tylenol so I could free up space in my purse.  My purse says, “I like to keep it simple.”

My sister-in-law carries a huge bag.  It is stylish, floppy and spacious.  She usually has a full-sized can of hairspray, a hairbrush, a bag of nuts, large bottled water, an apple, an orange or banana, her camera, a book and an entire make-up kit in there.  When we are out having lunch, she will periodically dig through her bag and come up with various gems.  Her purse says, “I am prepared for anything.”

I met a woman in Vegas who carried a bag like that and she had a habit of digging through hers every few minutes for something.  She was a smoker so most of the searching was for her lighter but I kind of felt like it was a nervous thing.  She took comfort in digging through that big purse.  What does your purse (or wallet, guys) say about you?

4 thoughts on “Silk from Sow’s Ear?

  1. I have two purses right now. One is a tie-dye hobo bag that I love the look of, and it can hold everything but the kitchen sink. Unfortunately, you can never find anything in it unless you compartmentalize things: pens in one bag, medications in another… When I had to go to a funeral, I switched over to a tidy black one. It’s lovely but way too small; I can’t fit anything in there, and I’ve begun to hate it. It’s crammed, just like my life right now. The zipper is about to blow on both! I miss the laid-back hobo bag. Maybe if I switch back, my life will go back to normal.

  2. I am all about laid-back, Kelley, but I need organization too. Even with my little purse with it’s zippers and flaps, things get messy. I guess that’s life, we put things in compartments and it still gets messy whether your stuff swims around in a contained void or is crammed together in a tight space. I’m thinking I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Very interesting subject matter and observant too… You could take this really far. If this is something you’re interested in writing about (as I am very interested in reading more..) I think you should do some more research and take this piece to a totally new level.

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