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Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that people who most often comment after news articles online have nothing positive to say?  Sometimes, the commentary gets so far off track that the commentators forget what the original article was about because they are too caught up in calling one another out for bad spelling.  Sometimes whole conversations play out having nothing to do with the topic at all.  Today, NPR posted a call out to parents who might like to have their child athlete interviewed about his or her role model in sports.  Right off the bat (pun intended), negative comments started to roll.  First the people speaking out against professional athletes as role models got on board.  Then the Tiger Woods comments started to fly.  Next the women’s rights people started complaining that no one was posting suggestions with women athletes as role models followed by the people who blame athletes for distracting the world from the unsung heros of education.  Now, many of these folks had valid points but NPR was just trying to interview some kids.  Uh Oh, now some lady is offended because NPR used the word kids to describe children.  What is this world coming to?!  So, then this guy responds to the offended lady’s post and asks if anyone has used an Oxford comma today.  It goes downhill from there and I stopped reading when a lady posted that it was unfair that NPR was only going to interview articulate “kids” to which a guy responded, it’s radio and if your kid isn’t willing to learn to communicate properly…

What if, we all followed that old rule,” if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?”  Seriously, let’s do an experiment.  For the next week, anytime you feel compelled to make a snarky comment online, turn it into a positive.  For example,  if after reading an article about Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street moving from his trash can to the recycling bin next door you post a comment.  Now, you think Oscar is selling out by leaving his old hood.  Instead of revealing your sour grapes by posting that Oscar is a tree-hugging snob, find a way to turn it around.  Post well-wishes to Oscar as he moves into his new home or just resist clicking on that submit button at all.  Either way, the World Wide Web will be a happier place.  Just sayin’.