Ants in my coffee

Well it’s spring again. How do I know? The first clue was the daffodils in the yard. The second clue…ants in my coffee. We have ants, ants in the kitchen, ants in the bathroom, and ants in the bedroom. They are little ants, not the kind that could carry off the cat, but ants are ants. I loathe them. Last week I sprinkled a product called Terro all around the perimeter of the house. I know this means my karma will have a deficit but I think it’s worth the risk. I am sick of ants in my food and every time I wipe down the kitchen counter I have to pick their little bodies out of the dish rag. Did I mention I loathe ants? Actually what I loathe are ants in my house. They are fine outside, in nature where they belong. But inside, they are on my turf and I want them gone.

6 thoughts on “Ants in my coffee

  1. You have attempted to create a barrier around the house, but depending on the products you are using, you may actually be trapping them inside your house. If you are using a bait, you may be drawing them close to your house. Terro generally in my experience is not enough to solve an ant colony problem. With so many ants, you should rather be looking for the ant colony(ies) source. Often this is going to be found in moist, concealed landscape. Check around trees, especially fruiting and heavy sap producing trees. Ants need water. Perhaps you are over-watering? Or perhaps you have a lot of moisture buried under leaves? Check out newer non-repellent products, such as termidor or optiguard flex.

    1. Thanks Gerry. Actually, we have success with the Terro product. It is actually a bait that the ants carry back to their nest. We basically live in the middle of a corn field. We would have to kill off about 40 acres of ant colonies to be continually ant free. We just attack it one infestation at a time.

      1. I’ve been struggling with ants too. I’ve been getting them in my dishwasher and the washing machine. Nowhere else in the house, but still. And they’re all over the yard. So I’ve made my own version of Terro, making a paste out of Borax (find it in the laundry section of the grocery store) and honey. The honey makes them eat it and carry it back to their nests to feed to the babies and the queen. Theoretically.

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