Kate calmly walks to her car and removes 4 crates of eggs.  She gathers up the women and we walk in the dark all the way out to the road.  Lisa whispers, “What are we doing?”  “Just wait and see,” I say. 

The road is still hot from the heat of the day and Kate opens the first crate of eggs.  She palms an egg then winds up like a pitcher on the mound and yells at the top of her voice, “I hate so and so!”  The egg whistles through the air and then lands smack on the hot pavement with a hilarious squelching sound.  We all laugh until it hurts at the sound.

“Come on,” Kate says motioning for us to gather round the egg crate.  “It’s someone else’s turn.”

We grab handfuls of eggs and line up across the deserted, dark country road.  “On the count of three,” Kate says.  And so, on three, we all hurl an egg in to the air cursing whatever is making us angry at the moment.  The cursing stops and is followed by – SQUELCH.  We laugh from deep within our gut.  “I hate actors!” Andrea yells.  “Teenagers drive me crazy!” screams Lisa.  “I agree!” I say.  “This is awesome!” cries Kate.  Squelch, Squelch, Squelch, and Squelch.

Soon, we are laughing so hard we can’t breathe.  Our laughter draws curious husbands and kids and so the moment passes.  It’s a memory I will never forget.  Thanks Kate, for teaching us to laugh till it hurts.

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