Ain’t no fashion show

Last spring I went to a mini writers workshop that offered a sneak peek into the Midwest Writers Workshop hosted at Ball State University in the summer.  A speaker at one of the break-out sessions discussed the topic of style.  Using Mark Twain as an example, he illustrated how style can make one’s writing stand out in the crowdContinue reading “Ain’t no fashion show”

Before we got here…

It’s the weekend again.  I’m jealous when I have to share my writing time.  Right now, my husband is sleeping in so the bedroom is occupied.  My youngest son is sleeping on the couch because he gave up his bedroom for his grandparents.  My oldest is still asleep upstairs.  There are four dogs in the laundry room and Mom and Dad areContinue reading “Before we got here…”

Writing for Love’s Sake

I’ve managed to write every morning for about two weeks now.  Today, I am just not feeling it.  I think it’s partly because I have to be out of the house early this morning and partly because I’m in a bummed out state of mind. Today in The Daily Writer, Fred encourages us to writeContinue reading “Writing for Love’s Sake”

Where am I?

Have you ever read a scene in a story and been transported to the location you’re reading about?  Not actually transported but so involved in the story you could almost close your eyes and picture yourself  there.   Fred refers to the opening scene of George Orwell’s 1984 in which the reader finds himself in whatContinue reading “Where am I?”

Fact of the matter

Get the facts, mind your p’s and q’s and get it straight.  Don’t forget to cross your T’s and dot your I’s.  Today Fred talks about fact checking, making sure your writing is accurate by backing it up with research.  Since I publish my own blog, I don’t have the luxury of an on staff factContinue reading “Fact of the matter”

Superman had it easy

Superman probably hated those tights, but at least he didn’t have to grow wings every time a bad guy came around.  In comic books and in life, change often involves pain.  Superman was lucky, all he had to do was change clothes and boom – he could fly.  Others were not so lucky.  Wolverine had toContinue reading “Superman had it easy”

I think I thought a thought.

Being the organizational freak that I am, I’ve been bothered by my digital journal and the fact that I have to scroll to the bottom to add the next post.  So, I spent the last 15 minutes cutting and pasting each entry so the new posts could go on top.  There was probably an easierContinue reading “I think I thought a thought.”

Structure First…

Outlining as a first draft?  Hmm, I’ve never tried it.  It kind of seems like using structure as a basis for a first write might hinder the process, but Fred says our brains naturally organize things in this way anyway so I might as well give it a try.  I’ve had my short story/book TurningContinue reading “Structure First…”

Asking the old, “What if?”

I have found that I’m pretty good at writing down my personal experiences in a way that tells the tale without boring the life out of my reader.  In other words, I can tell a good story.   There are a lot of good story tellers out there but not all of them are writers.  Today, FredContinue reading “Asking the old, “What if?””